Affiliates & Partners

An Exceptional Opportunity

Working with PSU represents an exceptional opportunity for Business Owners and Individual Entrepreneurs looking for additional or alternative income streams.

Engage at different levels, from a simple business introductions as an Affiliate, to a fully engaged Partner.

When it comes to our Partners we provide complete training, a fully integrated ‘back-office’ and total support, so they can concentrate on building a great business. Our Partners are able to offer their clients not only the provision of excellent and competitive energy solutions, but also our full suite of energy saving and management services.

laptopWe are able to offer bespoke partnership packages to partners, based on experience and support service requirements.  We maintain a unique balance between maximising the potential of technological and system developments whilst retaining the personal service which has become so highly valued by our Partners. Our Back Office team are committed to delivering excellent customer service and have consistently supported our Partners in achieving the business results they desire. We aim to fully integrate our partners into our business and recognise that their success is a key success factor of our own.

All our Partners enjoy the benefit of extensive operational support including:

  • A first class on-line portal linked directly to our CRM system, enabling real time communication, information tracking and processing  and the provision of detailed reports, allowing you to manage your cash flow and business operations more effectively.
  • Specialist bespoke and corporate pricing service
  • Access to an on line SME Pricing  Comparison Tool, enabling the instant retrieval of energy costs for prospective clients
  • Operation of a monthly self billing process which mirrors the exact payments from suppliers so you can be confident that you will always receive accurate commissions
  • Funded training, tailored to meet the specific needs of partners and their sales agents
  • A dedicated Commissions Team able to advise upon and resolve any queries you may have.
  • The provision of full ‘back office‘ support for contract processing including contract submission to suppliers, dealing with rejections, objections, status queries, LOAs and terminations.
  • Regular pricing and product updates including sharing relevant market intelligence.

All our BDM’s enjoy extensive operational support and a fully integrated back office portal, plus funded training, all tailored to meet the specific needs of partners and agents.

  • Full training is given to access the online portal to help assist you with sales.
  • See all your sites
  • See all pending business
  • See all sales
  • Export views to Excel
  • Notification updates as sites are worked
  • Updated in real time
  • Secure document upload
  • Secure messaging to Support Team
  • 1-2-1 Support in office hours
  • Free phone to Support Team
  • **Skype and IM Messaging Support**
  • Add new sites
  • Edit Existing sites
  • Meter and Address Lookup tool
  • Pricing tool
  • PDF price comparisons outputs
  • Generate contracts for electronic signature via Docusign
  • Download reports

Energy Procurement

Huge buying power, over 10,000 business energy customers, over 20 suppliers

Energy Efficiency

Measure, monitor online and achieve real energy savings with new technology

Energy Heroes

Join the Business Energy Buying Consortium, £40 million already pre-allocated

Business Telecom

The latest in telephony technology, including WLR3 LLU, and digital IP services.