Disposable Face Masks

Medical Grade Personal Protection Mask TYPE IIRs EN

Fluid resistant, certified to highest standard of EU Regulations.

Finding the correct Face Mask has become a nightmare!

Unscrupulous face mask vendors seeking to capitalise on coronavirus fears have been censured by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for distributing “alarmist” ads that prey on people’s virus fears. Ironically we all now find it harder than ever to identify and source decent PPE and face masks.

PSU has mobilised some of their team to help our Network solve the problem.

Facebook, Google, Amazon and eBay ban Face Mask Advertising

High quality 3-ply medical grade face masks of the correct standard (Type 11Rs.) are becoming harder to identify for sale online. Inferior masks on the market are next to useless when it comes to protection, unfortunately the photos used to sell them look similar to good masks.

All the online giants such Facebook, Google, Amazon and eBay have applied wide sweeping bans on the sale of surgical face masks as part of a concerted effort to prevent unscrupulous vendors from exploiting public coronavirus panic. However, we still see that most of the masks being sold by “so called approved eBay sellers” for example, are not fit for purpose. They are not fluid resistant, therefore not Type 11Rs. The “R” meaning fluid resistant. Most of them do not carry CE or EN Certification, even though some claim they do. They should not claim they are Medical Face Masks which in our view is a Fraud, even the Chinese Government are working to eliminate this malpractice by restricting exports.

China Export News: [ April 27, 2020 – 16:49 BJT (15:49 GMT) MOFCOM ] All Medical Grade Personal Protection Masks coming out of China will have a ‘certificate of conformity’ and are marked “Not for Medical Use” as it’s the responsibility of the importation Country to use their own certification.


PSU Network – COVID-19 Action

The Official Terra Care Retail Distributor for the United Kingdom is PSUtilities.

Besides Gas, Electricity and Water the PSU BDM Network are supporting their customer base by suppling Face Masks, to help keep businesses and customers safe from transmittable COVID-19.

We know how important it is that you trust the people looking after your health, which is why we have minimum standard of Type 11Rs, BFE 99.8% Hypoallergenic medical polypropylene nonwovens, with an adjustable nose clip, skin-friendly, flexible and breathable.


ZERO VAT on all PPE.

From 1 May 2020, PPE purchased by care homes, businesses, charities and individuals to protect against COVID-19 will be free from VAT for a three-month period.


[Announcement No.12 (2020) of the Ministry of Commerce] Chinese authorities issued an Order that tightly regulates the export of COVID-19 medical devices and supplies from China. Under this Order, exporter must meet two requirements; The device must be registered in China through a Medical Device Product Registration Certificate and the exporter must prove that the device complies with the regulations of the importing country.

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